Jerry & Jeanie

Monday, September 29, 2008

Our babies have grown up!!!

What a joy to have us all back in Texas!!
... except for our Utah holdout Jill..miss you!!

Julie, Mom, Dad
Justin, Josh, Jeremy

Awesome, Wonderful Swain Grandkids

(l to r): top row...
Bryce/Brock, Jesse (Julie)
Sierra (Justin)
Jenna (Julie)
Gary (Jeremy)
Blake & Jay (Julie)
Berlin (Josh)
seated on ground:
Jade, Tamara (Justin)
Jacie (Julie)
Jerald (Jeremy)
Spencer (Justin)

Minus: Taryn and Jessica (Justin)

Swain Family Reunion....getting back to Texas where we belong!!!!

Justin and his beautiful new wife Chere' and their children have moved to Beaumont. We are so glad to have them closer to us and look forward to lots of new memories as we share time together. Please meet them!!
Chere', Spencer (3 yrs), Justin, Taryn (almost 7 yrs),
Jade (14 way!!),
Sierra (11 yrs), Tamara (sweet 16). They have another daughter Jessica (not pictured) who will be 12 on Nov. 1st.

We had a birthday party for Tamara and Jeremiah (a little friend who is living with us) at Josh & Libby's house on Saturday, September 27th. Our entire family was there except for Jill and Jessica....missed you!! We had lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed Josh's pool. Don't we have beautiful/handsome children? It is wonderful to see what fine people they have grown up to be even if they are still pretty goofy!!!
Josh, Julie, Jeremy, Justin

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Libby's Smile

Due to a request on Josh & Libby's blog.....they are extremely busy with a youth conference this weekend!!!! so I am putting this on for them......Little did Libby know what she was getting into with this family......but now she knows and it is toooo late....Sorry Libby!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Josh & Libby's Wedding